Space Exploration

For the benefit of the entire human race.

Space Exploration

There are many people that try to paint space as something that shouldn’t be explored, but the truth is that a massive amount of innovation has been created thanks to space technology. Genesistheory is dedicated to remaining at the cusp of the sector, and constantly innovating with respect to satellite technology. Often times, the solutions that are created in space technology have real-world applications, as well.

Genesistheory is committed to creating satellites to help with overall space exploration for the benefit of the entire human race. We are committed to making sure that we are understanding how space technology can improve infrastructure, defense technology, and technology in general with respect to the world.


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GenesisTheory is committed to creating space technology that can help improve overall space exploration and travel, whether it involves improving satellite technology, improved space infrastructure, improved flight and engine applications, and more. We understand that space exploration is extremely important for both the public and private sector, and strive for constant innovation and discovery.


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GenesisTheory is a leader when it comes to space aircraft, satellite, and space shuttle design, and are proud of the work that we have been able to accomplish. We are also making tremendous headway with regards to the orbital delivery sector, and anticipate tremendous growth in this sector, as well. Lastly, we have licensed out our geospatial technology to other companies in an effort to improve their operations.


GenesisDesign is a team of innovative product designers that come from some of the most well-known tech startups in the world, combined with those who understand space aerodynamics better than anyone else in the world. We are focused on designing products that can allow for better life in space, and also improving space aircraft.


GenesisDelivery is focused on developing delivery services in space, which we believe will become more relevant and important than ever when it comes to the future of commercial space flight. We believe that GenesisDelivery will prove essential for delivering necessities on space missions.


GenesisLogistics is a division of our company that allows for geospatial company to help with everything from large-scale architectural or agricultural projects, to supply chain logistics. We currently license out this technology to over 100 companies, some of which are Fortune 500 companies, who believe in the power of our technology and how it can help them improve productivity and efficiency and maintain an edge over the competition.


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GenesisTheory prides ourselves on creating one of the most incredible companies in the world, thanks to employees from sectors of all kinds. We boast employees from some of the most well-known companies in the world, including product designers from Silicon Valley, former military officials, and former astronauts. We are confident that this kind of diverse team will be crucial to our future success and overall credibility.

We employ over 3,000 people, including scientists, mathematicians, technicians, design experts, defense experts, space experts, communication experts, and more. We understand that space exploration and developing space technology is a complex task that involves many moving parts and niches, and we take hiring the best of each sector very seriously.

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Dexter Collier
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Emily Ben
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Mark Lewis
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  • Henry Tubman

    I have always understood GenesisTheory and its global reputation as an incredible company, but it wasn’t until I did business with them that I understood just how much they could help my company. Thanks to their technology, my company was able to save $100 million last sector, which was exciting for my company and for my investors.

    Henry Tubman
  • Alexa Risen, former astronaut

    I have seen many space companies fail over the years, but I am confident that GenesisTheory understands what they are doing. They have some of the brightest minds in the world at that place, constantly collaborating and improving upon some of the most complex ideas you can imagine

    Alexa Risen, former astronaut
  • Chuck Niken, hedge fund manager

    A lot of people don’t understand how massive that GenesisDesign will be. This is a company that won’t just be designing better products to use in space, I am confident that they will quickly become one of the most integral product design companies in the world. I can see that company disrupting more than one sector in the near future

    Chuck Niken, hedge fund manager